Unlock the secrets of stellar lash extensions with our hands-on course. Benefit from live demonstrations, practical model sessions, and in-depth training manuals, ensuring a robust learning experience. Plus, get tips on marketing and business management to confidently launch your career in the beauty industry.

Course Overview

Begin with all the essential tools and products needed to hone your skills.

Access a wealth of knowledge that guides you through each meticulous detail of lash application.

Engage in real-time learning with our instructors, observing techniques and applications firsthand.

Implement your learning by practicing on live models, ensuring practical experience (note: students must provide their own models).

Gain insights into establishing and growing your own lash extension business in the beauty industry.

Acquire a recognized certification that validates your skills and expertise in lash extension application.

Solidify your learning with an additional day to shadow post-class, reinforcing skills and techniques learned.



Deep dive into the captivating world of lash extensions, combining classic and introductory volume techniques. Engage in practical learning through live demos and model practice, supported by thorough training manuals. Learn not only the art of lashes but also gain business insights to carve your niche in the beauty world.

Course Overview

Equip yourself with a comprehensive kit filled with high-quality tools and products to kickstart your lashing journey.

Delve into our carefully crafted manual, offering detailed insights and guidelines on lash application methodologies.

Visualize and understand each technique through live demos presented by our skilled instructor.

Implement your learning and refine your skills through practical sessions on live models (provided by the student).

Enhance your business acumen with our savvy tips on effective marketing and establishing a flourishing lash business.

Validate your skill set and expertise with our recognized certification upon successful course completion.

Revisit and revise the learned techniques with a day to shadow after class, ensuring you’re firmly grounded in your new skill set.



Unlock the secrets of creating flawless, perfectly sculpted brows with our comprehensive course, designed to immerse you in the skillful world of brow lamination. This course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, ensuring you emerge with a well-rounded proficiency in transforming ordinary brows into expressive features.

Course Overview

Delve into extensive learning and practical sessions to build a solid foundation in brow lamination techniques.

Acquire a curated selection of high-quality tools and materials, ensuring you are well-equipped from day one.

Gain access to our expertly crafted manual, guiding your learning journey with in-depth content and expert tips.

Witness the nuanced techniques of brow lamination firsthand, with step-by-step guidance from our skilled instructors.

Apply your learned skills with hands-on practice, shaping and enhancing brows on live models (to be provided by the student).

Absorb savvy marketing and business strategies to solidify your position in the competitive beauty market.

Conclude your course with a certification, symbolizing your expertise and commitment to elevating beauty standards in brow aesthetics.



Embark on a journey to mastering the art and science of lash lifts and tints with our comprehensive course. This offering is meticulously designed to equip you with hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge through an array of resources and practical sessions.

Course Overview

Begin with the essentials provided to every student.

A comprehensive guide to aid your learning journey.

Gain insights through real-time procedures demonstrated by our instructor.

Immerse yourself in practical application (note: students are responsible for providing their live model).

Propel your career forward with our tailored advice.

Validate your skillset and boost your professional credibility with our certification.

Optimize your skills with an additional day to shadow and learn post-course.

Brow Mapping 101 - Half Day with Certification


Enhance your brow expertise with our targeted, half-day Brow Mapping 101 course. Crafted for both novices and seasoned professionals, this course dives into precise and strategic brow mapping techniques, blending hands-on practice with invaluable tips to elevate your services.

Course Overview

Kickstart your training with our curated selection of essential tools.

Learn directly from expert techniques demonstrated by our skilled instructor.

Acquire strategies to seamlessly integrate brow mapping into your offerings and attract clientele.

Affirm your expertise and stand out with our recognized certification.

Coming Soon

  • Microblading Fundamentals - 2 Day Certification $3,500
  • Microblading With Intro To Machine Work - 3 Day Certification $4,000
  • Lash Line Enhancement - 1 Day With Certification $2,500